Simione Teruggi

Dipartimento ABC, Politecnico di Milano

ISOLA URSA: La cultura della sostenibilità ambientale
MADE Expo – Milano, dal 22 al 25 Novembre 2021

Born in Borgomanero, Italy (NO) on February 2nd, 1989.
From March 2019 he is collaborating with the 3D Survey Group (ABC-Lab Politecnico di Milano) on the
restitution and optimization of survey data for 2D drawings of Milan’s Cathedral. He has obtained a research
fellowship from May 2019 to October 2019 on the INTERREG project Italia-Svizzera AMALPI for the realization
of 4D DTM. In November 2019 he started a Ph.D. at Politecnico di Milano on “Mixed Reality system as support
for the maintenance of complex architectures”.